New rules for pig ID and movement

New rules for the identification, registration and movement of pigs have come into force to improve traceability.

The new rules will allow the government, the pig industry and vets to manage any disease outbreak more effectively.

ScotEID have developed a new online web system so that pig keepers can notify their pig  movements more easily and efficiently, and the system allows these movements to be traced in ‘real time’. This includes pigs moving from farm to farm, to markets, shows or the slaughterhouse.

The key requirements of the system mean that every pig keeper must register their holding or holdings, identify their pigs, notify all movements on and off their holding and keep up to date records.

The Scottish Government has published and distributed useful information on the new rules – Pig Identification and Registration – Guidance for Keepers in Scotland - extra copies are available.

For anyone who is a new pig keeper, or are thinking about keeping pigs, they should get in touch with the ScotEID office in Huntly on 01466 794323 who will be delighted to help and keep them right with the changes.