Muck marathon

Berwick Young Farmers completed their annual Muck Marathon recently.

Over the two day event they successfully spread manure and slurry at Tower Martin Farm, West Horton, Ilderton and Doddington.

The club wishes to thank to the Rutherford family, Lilburn Estates, and the Maxwell family for their support. The event could not take place without tractors, muck spreaders, slurry tankers and forklifts, all of which were kindly donated for the event.

The club would like to thank the following companies and individuals most sincerely for their generosity and continued support: Ancroft Tractors of Berwick and Rickerbys of Cornhill for the two forklifts, Lloyds of Kelso for a tractor, and the Whitton family, Aydon Carse, Paul Adams, Andrew Frost, Lilburn Estates, Martin Riddle, Ted Fox, Philip Bell, Tom Neill, and David Neill, who all kindly supplied tractors, muck spreaders and slurry tankers.

Also a big thank-you to Redpath Tyres of Wooler who kept the wheels turning, so to speak! Grateful thanks must also be extended to club member Anna Cockburn who kept everyone well fed on both days! And not forgetting the 10 club members who gave up their weekend and put in their time and effort to make this event so successful.

This year’s Muck Marathon raised a substantial amount of money, some of which will go into the club funds and some which will be donated to charity.