Mental health T-shirt scheme

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A national programme aiming to highlight the importance of mental health to young people has teamed up with a Berwickshire company.

See Me has £230,000 available for projects to change the way people behave towards those with mental health problems.

Jason Lee, from Lauder clothing company Jaggy Nettle, said: “We got involved in this because we are interested in how the fashion industry markets and presents itself and how this in turn could impact how young people perceive themselves.

“We wrote and designed a project with an Edinburgh charity called Libertus, to examine fashion marketing with third year school pupils and start a discussion about if and how said marketing affects young people. From here the young people are designing a range of printed T shirts that promote a positive body image.”

Jaggy Nettle will make and print the shirts and profits will go to Libertus.

Jason went on to stress the importance of young people’s self-worth.

“Your state of mind is pretty vital,” he said. “It determines what you do, how you do it, who you do it with and where you are going to end up.

“I think it’s a grossly neglected area of discussion, particularly amongst young people. Young people live in unique times where closure is becoming more and more difficult to realise - things just don’t switch off anymore, people are bombarded with selective imagery and content, the internet is finally finding its feet as the worlds greatest ever advertiser.

“Everybody is marketing, companies are marketing their wares and people are marketing their lives. Ideology sells. We want to celebrate non conformity, we want young people to celebrate the beauty of individuality.”