Market prices

Judge James Allen presents Mr R. Telford of Branton Eastside, with the Robin Scott Trophy at Harrison & Hetherington's Show and Sale held at Wooler.
Judge James Allen presents Mr R. Telford of Branton Eastside, with the Robin Scott Trophy at Harrison & Hetherington's Show and Sale held at Wooler.


At Wooler last Tuesday Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly Store Sale selling 290 store cattle.

In conjunction with the sale was the Annual Show for The Robin Scott Trophy which was expertly judged by Mr J. Allen, Longnewton, St Boswells, who awarded the Championship yet again to Messrs R.W. and K. Telford, Branton Eastside. The winning exhibit was a Limousin cross heifer weighing 375kg and selling at £910 to the judge Mr J. Allen.

Reserve champion was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs E. Carse and Son, South Ord, weighing 430kg and selling at £1030 also to the judge Mr J. Allen.

A good show of cattle were presented to another packed ring of buyers returning a great trade well above vendor expectations.

At their weekly Primestock sale of sheep last Wednesday Harrison & Hetherington sold 488 hoggs and 242 ewes and rams.

Hogg show very mixed with tail end lots appearing, quality in ever increasing demand, more needed.

Hoggs per head: Texel - £106.50 Pallinsburn, £105, £93, £92.50, £89.50 Moorlaws, £96 East Fleetham, £95 Lorbottle, £94 Ford Westfield. Suffolk - £101.50 Brandon, £101 Lorbottle, £95 East Fleetham, £94 Brandon, £92.50 Ford Westfield. Oxford - £94.50 East Fleetham. Cheviot - £90 Biddlestone Home Farm.

Hoggs per kg: Texel - 217.9, 197.6p (2), 191p Ladykirk, 196.2p East Fleetham, 195.2p Yetlington Lane, 194.6p Moorlaws, 192.1p, 190.4p Newstead, 191.4p Stamford, 190p Lorbottle. Suffolk - 191.5p, 191p Newstead. Cheviot - 184.4p South Ord.

Ewes: Texel - £116 Wrangham Redsteads, £100 Lucker Hall, £98 Lorbottle, £95 Pallinsburn, £93 Cold Martin. Suffolk - £99 Leetside, £95 Lucker Hall, £94 Stamford, £93 Hagdon and Brackenside. Mule - £79.50, £79 Birchwood Hall, £79.50 Brackenside, £78.50 North Sharperton. Cheviot - £73 Biddlestone Home Farm. Blackfaced - £72 Butterknowes.

Rams: Texel - £111 Butterknowes.

st boswells

At St Boswells on Monday Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep and sold 99 clean cattle, 52 beef cows, 1,820 hoggs and 197 ewes.

Bullocks (38) averaged 191p per kg and sold to 236p (n/c on the week) while heifers (60) averaged 209.7p per kg and sold to 240p (+9.7p on the week). One young bull sold to 110p (n/c on the week) and 52 beef type cows averaged 120p per kg and sold to 161p (+4.0p on the week).

The 1,820 hoggs averaged 190.75p per kg (+11p on the week) £87 per head and sold to £107, top price 229.9p per kg for Texel. the 197 ewes averaged £73, and sold to £110 for Suffolk.

Heavy ewes averaged £89 while light ewes sold to £81 for Cheviot and averaged £66.

Principal prices per head: Bee Edge £1406.40 and £1396.80, Seggarsdean £1375.64, Longnewton £1365.28, Bee Edge £1349.92 and £1348.90, Wester Ulston £1324.80.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.40 Shaws of Lauder and W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons, Wester Ulston 2.40 Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Segarsdean 2.38 Shaws of Lauder, Bee Edge 2.36 Shaws of Lauder, Willowford 2.36 Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 2.35 Shaws of Lauder, Upper Nisbet 2.34 Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Bee Edge 2.30 Shaws of Lauder, Longnewton 2.30 W.T.S. Forsyth and Sons, Longnewton 2.28 Shaws of Lauder, Mosstower 2.27 John Saunderson Butcher Ltd.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1304.16 and £1142.60, Rumbleton £1133.44, Hutlerburn £1102.98, West Newbiggin £1095.68, Easter Middleton £1089.36.

Cows per kg: Rumbleton 1.61 and 1.59, Easter Middleton 1.53, Mosstower and Hyndsidehill 1.49, Kersknowe 1.45 and 1.43.

Hoggs – A good show of strong, well fleshed hoggs forward to achieve high returns. All classes sought after.

Hoggs per head: Suffolk - £107 Lurdenlaw, £104 Boghall, £103 Bonjedward Mill (2) and Boghall, £101 (3) Boghall; Texel - £105 Lurdenlaw, £101 Boghall, £100 Boon (2), £98 Whitrighill and Whitlaw; Beltex - £100 Faughhill, £90 Wester Ulston Sheep, Hampshire £99.50, £96 East Fortune; Cheviot - £96 and £95 Lurdenlaw, £92.50, £90.50 and £88.50 Gilston, £88 (2) Saughtree; Charolais - £95.50, £94.50 and £90 Whitlaw; Mule - £95 and £90 Boghall, £90 Hundalee, £88 Milrighall and Whitlaw; Cheviot Mule - £88 Gilston, Border Leicester £88 Hartside, Blackface £87 Hartside, £85 Tinnis.

Hoggs per kg: Texel - 229.9 Boon, 212.8 Lower Ashtrees, 211.5 Traprain, 207 Whitlaw, 206.6 Traprain, 205.1 Thornington, 205 Whitrighill and Pawston (2), 204.9 Lylestane; Beltex - 223.7 Faughhill, 218.4 Lylestane, 207.3 Faughhill, 203.8 and 202.4 Lylestane, 200 Hartside (2); Cheviot - 211 Wester Ulston Sheep (3), 209.9 Dod Farm, 209 Southfield, 208.1 Traprain, 207.4 Nisbet, 205.3 Gilston, 204.7 Saughtree; Suffolk - 206 Swinnie, 202.3 Wester Ulston Sheep, 201.3 Aikeyside, 200 Traprain; Charolais - 204.5 and 201.1 Whitlaw; Mule - 201.2 Inland Pastures, 200 Traprain; Blackface - 197.1 Horseupcleugh; Cheviot Mule - 194.7 Lylestane, 192.2 Wester Ulston Sheep.

Ewes – Small show of mixed ewes, to average similar on the week. Suffolk - £110 Ruecastle Cottages, £105 Dunsdaleheugh, £101 Mossilee, £93 Blackburn Mill, £89 (2) Redheugh, £87 Upper Bolton and Helmburn, £85 Upper Bolton; Texel - £99 Ednam West Mains, £95 Mossilee, £91 Boon and Nisbet, £90 Faughhill, £89 Blackburn Mill, £87 Ednam West Mains and Ellemford, £85 Blackburn Mill, Hampshire £99 East Fortune, £87 St Clements Wells; Halfbred - £93 Upper Bolton, £91 Bonjedward Mill; Mule - £87 Boon, £83 Blackburn Mill, £77 Nisbet and Faughhill, Cheviot £81 Halidean Mill, £73 Gilston, £65 Halidean Mill; Bluefaced Leicester - £70 Tinnis; Blackface - £65 Horseupcleugh, £55 Middlestead and Sunnyside.

Rams: Suffolk £121 Mossilee, Hampshire £120 East Fortune.


C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward nine prime cattle, 25 OTM cattle, 5,198 prime hoggs and 3,647 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

An excellent entry of 34 cattle were offered to an increased number of buyers with several faces making a welcome reappearance.

A very good meated entry were easily handled by a group of buyers hungry for cows. A consignment of Belted Galloways from Robert Coates topped the sale at 145.5p and averaged 142p.

A larger show of 5,198 prime hoggs were forward to the usual strong ring of buyers who were all keen for sheep. All classes sharper on the week, especially second rate and light weight hoggs.

The highlight of the sale was an excellent selection of 2,000 Hill and North Cheviot hoggs which were a credit to vendors. Overall average of 194.5p per kilo (SQQ 196.8p).

Top price of 271p per kilo for Beltex from A. and A. Little, Hollands, Penton, and to £115 per head for Texels from Howgillside Farmers, Eaglesfield.

It was the annual show of Cheviot prime hoggs, sponsored by P.J. Tractor Parts, Longtown, and judged by Mr Andrew Dawson who had 30 excellent pens of 20 hoggs presented to him. He awarded the Hill Cheviot Championship to Messrs Cartner, Blackwoodridge House, whose pen scaled 53 kilos and realised £102 to R. Staveley. Champion North Country Cheviots were from Messrs Douglas, Whitehope, Yarrow which scaled a 52 kilos and realised £102 to M. Lomax.