Market Prices

Winning pen at the John Swan show and sale (left to right) Mr George Robinson (Roxan Tags), Jimmy Curle (Judge), and Steven Wilson (Managing Director) accepting the award on behalf of shepherd Mr Neil Douglas in his absence.
Winning pen at the John Swan show and sale (left to right) Mr George Robinson (Roxan Tags), Jimmy Curle (Judge), and Steven Wilson (Managing Director) accepting the award on behalf of shepherd Mr Neil Douglas in his absence.


At their weekly Primestock sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,000 lambs, 12 hoggs and young sheep and 215 ewes and rams.

In conjunction with the Primestock Sale was the Annual Summer Show kindly sponsored by Roxan Tags (Mr George Robinson) and expertly judged by Mr Jamie Curle, Bowsden.

For the second year in succession The Championship was awarded to Messrs H.N. Howard and Son, Chillingham Home Farm, for a pen of 5 Bel.x weighing 38kg and selling at £105 to the judge Messrs R. Curle and Sons. Reserve Champion went to R.J.D. Watkin, Ladykirk, second prize out of the continental class for 5 Bel.x weighing 37kg and selling at £92 also to the judge.

Leading prices per head:- Tex:- £111 Shipley Lane, £105 Black Heddon, West Longridge, £103 Treaty Park, £102.50p Holy Island, £101.50p Shipley Lane, £100.50p West Longridge, Shipley Lane, Holy Island and Holy Island (M. Patterson), £100 Greta Ryle. Bel:- £105, £94, £92.50p Chillingham Home Farm, £92 Ladykirk, £90 Chillingham Home Farm. Sfx:- £102, £101 Cresswell Farms, £101.50p Treaty Park, £99 Great Ryle, £94.50p Brandon, Barelees, £91 Shipley Lane, £90 Great Ryle, Barelees. Cha:- £94 Greenhead R.

Leading prices per kilo:- Bel.x:- 276.3p Chillingham Home Farm, 248.7p Ladykirk, 243.4p, 242.9p, 241.7p, 235p Chillingham Home Farm. Tex:- 251.4p, 238.5p Bolton North Wing, 236.6p Village Farm, Seahouses, 233.7p Holy Island and Holy Island (M. Patterson), 233.3p Black Heddon, 230.8p Village Farm, Seahouses, Marshall Meadows, 230.2p Ladykirk, 230p Marshall Meadows, 229.8p Creswell Farms. Sfx:- 242.9p Creswell Farms, 227.6p Brandon (2), 225.6p Treaty Park, 225p Brandon, 224.4p Creswell Farms and Brockley Hall, 223.8p Brockley Hall, 222p Shipley Lane, 221.1p Kettleburn. Ham:- 225p Kettleburn. Cha:- 229.3p Greenhead R.

Hoggs, leading prices per head:- Tex:- £101 Holy Island. BFL:- £97.50p Clennel. Sfx:- £94 Middle Ord, £85.50p Ladykirk, £74.50p Baldersbury Hill. BF:- £66 Lilburn Estates.

Ewes with more flesh on offer, increase in returns. Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £108, £95 Barelees, £89 Black Heddon, £88 Fowberry Moor, £79 Milfield Demesne (2), Fowberry Moor, £76 Milfield Demesne (3). Suf:- £105 Great Ryle, £100 Goswick. Sfx:- £103 Lilburn Estates, £102 Middle Ord (2), £98 Lilburn Estates. Mule:- £87 Middle Ord, £85 Great Ryle, £84 Goswick, £82 Middle Ord, £81 Goswick. HB:- £94 Barelees. BF:- £67 Lilburn Estates, £63 Great Ryle.

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At their weekly primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 83 clean cattle, 43 OTM cattle, 1,472 new season lambs 44 old season hoggs and 584 ewes.

Bullocks (28) averaged 205p per kg and sold to 220p (+1.5p on week), heifers (54) averaged 209.3p per kg and sold to 233p (-1.8p on week), one young bull sold to 138p and 43 beef type OTM cattle averaged 124.6p per kg and sold to 165p (n/c on the week).

The 1,472 new season lambs averaged 213p per kg (-12p on the week) and sold to £115, top price 247p per kg for Beltex, 44 old season hoggs averaged 128p per kg (-18p on the week) and sold to £85, top price 167p per kg for Texels and 584 ewes averaged £69.02, and sold to £111 for Texels.

Principal prices per head: Longnewton £1439.10, £1420.48; Bee Edge £1360.72; Snawdon £1314.56.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.33 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.16 Shaws of Lauder; Humbie Mill 2.29 John Anderson Butcher, 2.29 Linton Butchers, 2.28 Sandbed Butchers, 2.27 Colin Peat and Ramsay Family Butchers, 2.26 Malone of Edinburgh.Cows per head: Kersknowe £1316.64, £1277.10, £1264.40; Chillingham Home Farm £1233.84, £1017.48; Fowberry Moor £1192.86, £988.20; Preston £1121.12; Whitlaw £1077.30, £1039.72, £989.40, £950.34; Corsbie £1066.80, £1006.74; Cockburn £984.90; Stoneypath £983.66.

Cows per kg: Kersknowe 1.65, 1.56, 1.45; Chillingham Home Farm 1.59, 1.39; Cockburn 1.53, 1.47; Upper Hundalee 1.45 (2); Whitlaw 1.41, 1.39, 1.37; Fowberry Moor 1.41; Corsbie 1.37, 1.35; Stoneypath 1.37.

Bulls: Preston £1121.12 (.91p); Whitlaw £989.40 (.97p); Colmslie £875.26 (1.07), £665.28 (.84p).

New season lambs per head: Suff.x;- £110 Howden and Stoneypath, £108 Belmont, Tex;- £115, £110 Preston, £108.50 Gilston, £108 Corsbie, Ham;- £87.50 East Bridgelands, £87 Marigold, Chev;- £79.50 Torwoodlee, Char;- £87 Woodhouse, BFL;- £95 Craiglea, £94 Sydenham, HB;- £90 Marvingston, Zwa;- £96 Torview, £80 Lauder Barns and East Bridgelands, Mule;- Threeburnford MS;- £90 Whitehaugh.

New season lambs per kg:- Suff.x;- 227.9 Huntington and St Leonards, Tex;- 234.8 Corsbie, 234 Preston, 233.3 S Leonards, Char;- 217.5 Woodhouse, Bel;- 247.4 Sydenham, 226.2 Craiglea, CCM;- 205.3 Gilston.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 24 prime cattle, six young bulls, 18 over 30 month cattle, 2,706 prime lambs, 674 prime hoggs and 4,922 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Prime cattle were a much improved show of quality and saw trade sharper and much easier sold than previous weeks. More could have been sold to satisfy demand. Top price to 223.5p and 222.5p for Limousin heifers shown by Messrs A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwellgreen. Cast cows saw more quality on offer and met a buoyant trade with purchasers being left short of requirements.

A larger show of 2,706 prime lambs sold to an average of 224p per kilo.