Market Prices


At their weekly Prime Stock sale last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 865 hoggs and 153 ewes and rams.

Slightly less numbers forward, all classes meeting a slight resistance resulting in easier returns.

Leading prices per head:- Chv:- £93.50p, £86.50p, £80.50p Humbleheugh. Sfx:- £85 North Lyham, £82 Newstead, North Lyham, £81 Mindrum Farming Co. Tex:- £82 West Longridge, £80 Yetlington Lane, North Lyham, South Charlton, £79.50p Springhill, Seahouses, £79 West Longridge, Mindrum Farming Co, Greystonnes. Ven:- £75 North Lyham. CHM:- £76 (2) South Charlton. Mule:- £74 Great Ryle. Zwa:- £77 Linhope Farming (Hartside), £75 Mindrum (T.P. Fairfax). Bel:- £80, £79, £78 (2), £77.50p Ladykirk. Chx:- £72 Linhope Farming (Hartside).

Leading prices per kilo:- Tex:- 205.4p Greystonnes, 200p, 198.7p Cockhall, 197.4p Yetlington Lane, 196.3p Mindrum Farming Co (D Brown). Sfx:- 200p Greystonnes, 194.9p Ladykirk, Craigshouse, 194.7p Cockhall, 192.5p Howtel. Ven:- 182.9p North Lyham. CHM:- 190p, 188.5p South Charlton. Chv:- 196.1p Great Ryle, 194.9p Biddlestone Home Farm, 193.9p Humbleheugh, 191.3p Fawdon Farms. Mule:- 180.5p Great Ryle. Bel:-197.4p, 190.2p, 185.7p Ladykirk. Chv.x:- 186.8p, 184.6p Linhope Farming Co.

Ewe numbers tighter, with similar returns achieved.

Leading prices:- Suf:- £91 Henlaw, £83 Chesterhill, £77 Eildon Cottage, £74 Chesterhill. Bel:- £83 Henlaw. Tex:- £79 Eildon Cottage, £66 (2) Henlaw, £63 Kimmerston, £61 Cockhall. BFL:- £81 Alwinton Farm. Chv:- £49.50p Fawdon Farms. Mule:- £55 Castlelaw, £53 Todrig, £52.50p Doune Brae, £52 Kimmerston, Doune Brae. BF:- £43 Clennel, £42 Linhope Farming Co. Swa:- £39 Fawdon Farms.

Rams:- Suf:- £98 Chesterhill. BFL:- £91 Clennel.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 32 prime cattle, 12 young bulls, 18 over 30 month cattle, 4,906 prime hoggs and 3,748 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Better quality cattle sold to a similar trade with the plainer end slightly easier. Top price to 225.5p for a Limousin heifer from W. and W. Faulder, Houghton House, Limousin bullocks to 223.5p from D.J. Garthwaite and Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage.

Bulls, all Black and Whites on offer met a firm trade selling to 171.5p from J. and P. Routledge and Son, Netherton, others to 169.5p from Messrs T. and M. Irving, Becton Hall. Top price per head to £1,287.75 also from Messrs Irving.

Cast cows met a steady trade topping at 169.5p for a Limousin shown by R.M. and P. Armstrong, Slealands.

A similar show of 4,906 prime hoggs (584 lightweights) were forward to the usual ringside of buyers, another fantastic show saw all best quality export weight hoggs dearer on the week with Blackfaces and Mules slightly easier, the overall sale average of 190p per kilo (SQQ 192.3p per kilo). Top was £108 per head for Texels from Cowcorse and Kilncroft with a top per kilo of 257p for Texels from Oakwood.

A similar show of 3,982 cast ewes and rams were forward the most noticeable difference on the week being the heavy Mule ewes which would be £8 to £10 dearer. Good selling heavy ewes short of buyers requirements with over fat ewes still hard to sell. Lightweight ewes would be very similar on the week.

Rams to £100 for Texels from Bensons Fell, £88 Hutlerburn, £84 Druchtag; Suffolk £90 Torwoodlea Mains, £84 The Haining House, £70 Commonside; Lleyn £80 Lustruther, £66 South Bowerhouses; North Country Cheviot £74 Marchbank, £68 Snowsgreen; Leicester £72 Stubsgill, £68 Collin Bank, £54 Stubsgill; Hill Cheviot £68 Hethpool, £60 Gilston, £58 Commonside and Clonrae; Dorset £66 Graystale; Blackface £62 Hethpool, £57 Hutlerburn and Chaplehope, £56 Glen House; Beltex £60

Whinneyknowe, £50 Sunnyside; Easycare £60 Marygate; Zwartbles £58 Chapel (Hebson); Swaledale £45 Chapel (Hebson).


At Monday’s sale of Primestock John Swan Ltd sold 86 clean cattle, 74 OTM cattle, 1,671 old season lambs and 614 ewes.

Bullocks (35) averaged 209.1p per kg and sold to246p (+2.6p on week), heifers (50) averaged 221.2p per kg and sold to 258p (+7.9p on week), one young bull sold to 150p and 74 beef type OTM cattle averaged 128.1p per kg and sold to 191p (+3.8p on the week).

Old season SQQ lambs averaged 201.4p per kg (-1.2p on week) and sold to £98 and 1,671 old season lambs and 614 ewes. Ewes averaged £52.66, and sold to £86, £107 for tups. Heavy ewes £64.93, light ewes £46.33.

Principal prices per head: Lurdenlaw £1601.75, £1598.70; Bee Edge £1548, £1509.30, £1500; Oakwood £1522.50.

Principal Pprices per kg: Bee Edge 2.58(2) M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons and M/s Black and Son, 2.56 Robert Wilson Butcher, Edin, 2.50 M/s Black and Son, 2.48 , 2.43 W Taylor (Lockerbie); Inland Pastures 2.56 M/s Black and Son; Hamildean 2.46 Robert Pringle, 2.31 Malone of Edinburgh; Ramrig 2.45 W Taylor (Lockerbie); Longnewton 2.38 Denholm Meat Supplies.

Cows per head: Corsbie (Fullerton) £1337.05, 1027.50; Nether Fala £1225.25; Mervinslaw £1193.10; Hoprigshiels £1103.40; Howden £1102; Bonjedward Mill £1100.25; Huntington £1088.70; Kingside £1053, £1027.50; Haughhead £1044; Greenknowe £1037.85.

Cows per kg: Huntington 1.91, 1.45; Marchcleugh 1.91, 1.87 (2), 1.79 (2), 1.77; Greenknowe 1.87; Corsbie (Fullerton) 1.87; Nisbet 1.87; Nether Fala 1.69 (2); Kingside 1.63; Hoprigshiels 1.63; Fowberry Moor 1.59.

Bulls: Huntington £1303.05 (1.19); Bemersyde £1259.85 (1.11); Marchcleugh £1141.65 (1.77); Fowberry Moor £1079.15 (1.13).

Hoggs per head: Tex.x;- £98 The Lee and Greenhead.R, £94 The Lee, Suff.x;- £95 The Lee, £94 St Leonards, £92 Threepwood, Bel;- £94 Hartside, £91.50 Huntington, BFL;- £88 Hartside, Chev;- £86.50 Haltree, £84.50 Saughtree, BF;- £85 Williamhope, £82 Hartside and Williamhope, GF;- £85 Hartside, £83.50 Hillhouse, CM;- £80 Stoneypath, £79.50 Hundalee, Chev.x;- £79 Burncastle, Ham;- £78 Dunslaw.

Hoggs per kg: Tex.x;- 229.4 Dunslaw, 227 Lower Ashtrees, 225.7,223.3 Dunslaw, Bel;- 216.7 Lylestane, Suff.x;- 211.8, 211.1, 210 Dunslaw, 209.4 Blackburn, GF;- 207.3 Hartside, 205.9 Dunslaw, Chev;- 205.3 Wester Ulston and Haltree, 202.6 Lylestane, Chev.x;- 201.4 Lylestane, Ham;- 201.3, 200 Dunslaw, CM;- 200 Lylestane.

Ewes - once again sharper on the week: Tex;- £86 Bow, £77 Applecross, Suff.x;- £78 Greenhead. R, £77 Sorrowlessfield.Rams: Bel;- £107 Laidlawstiel, £91 Hartside, BFL;- £83 Laidlawstiel, Chev;- £69 Brockhouse, Tex;- £65 Legerwood.

border livestock

Last Week Border Livestock Exchange sold 174 prime cattle including 42 cows, 2,019 prime lambs, 429 ewes and 184 store cattle.

Prime cattle remain steady with top prices going to Redpath Farms, Spylaw, for a Limousin Cross Heifer which sold for 396p per kg. Limousin Cross young bulls from Bowsden Moor, Berwick, sold to £1,718 per head for a 12 month old bull. Cull cows sold to £1,300 for a Limousin cow also from Bowsden Moor. Aberdeen Angus cross cows from Borewell Farm, Berwick, sold to an impressive £1,092 per head.

Prime lambs continued to firm with export weights selling to 420p per kg for a Texel cross from Primside Farm, Yetholm; Edgerston Home Farm, Jedburgh, and Crookston Farm, Heriot. Heavy weight Texel crosses sold to £110 from Middle Moor, Alnwick.