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AT their weekly Primestock Sale held at Wooler last Wednesday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 438 hoggs and 136 ewes.

Hogg numbers very short but all classes in very keen demand, rising levels greatly on the week.

Leading prices per head:- Bel:- £92 Linhope Farming (Roddam) D Donovan, £84.50 Linhope Farming (Roddam), £84 Linhope Farming (Roddam), £81.50, £81 Ladykirk, £80.50 Linhope Farming (Roddam). Tex.x:- £84.50 Kettleburn, £84 Yetlington Lane, £81.50 Titlington Mount, £81 Lickar Moor and Kettleburn, £80.50 South Ditchburn, £80 Newstead, Lickar Moor and Kettleburn. Hamp:- £84.50 Kettleburn. Suff.x:- £83.50 Titlington Mount, £82 Brandon, £81 Branxton Moor. Chev:- £81 Humbleheugh.

Leading prices per kilo:- Bel.x:- 201.4p, 195p (2), 192.3p Ladykirk, 192.1p, 191.7p Linhope Farming (Roddam). Tex.x:- 198.8p Yetlington Lane and Mordington, 196.3p South Ditchburn, 195p East Fleetham, 193.1p Mordington, 192.7p Newstead, 190.2p Fawdon Farms. Chev:- 197.4p Humbleheugh, 194.7p Fawdon Farms. Char:- 195p East Fleetham. Suff.x:- 187.8p Newstead, 186.6p Fawdon Farms, 185.7p Newstead, 185.4p Shipley Smallburn.

Smaller numbers of ewes on show, with similar returns achieved.

Leading prices:- Tex.x:- £96 , £76, £75 Belstruther, £72.50 West Longridge, £70 Chatton Park, £66 Barmoor Red House, £64 West Longridge. Suff.x:- £85 West Longridge, £79 Kettleburn, £75, £79 Linhope Farming (Roddam). GF:- £60 Linhope Farming (Roddam) D Donovan, £59 Belstruther and West Longridge, £57 Chatton Park and Kettleburn, £55 Linhope Farming (Roddam) and Kettleburn, £54 West Longridge, £52 Mordington. Cha:- £48 Lowick Moorhouse. Chv:- £48 Belstruther. Swa:- £44 Fawdon.

Rams:- Tex.x:- £96, £74 Branxton Moor. Bel:- £71 Ladykirk.


AT St Boswells Mart on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 85 clean cattle, 59 OTM cattle, 1,992 old season lambs and 719 ewes.

Bullocks (38) averaged 226.2p per kg and sold to 243p (+8.0p on week), heifers (46) averaged 227.3p per kg and sold to 247p (+7.7p on week), one young bull sold to 208p (n/c on week) and 59 beef type OTM cattle averaged 157.6p per kg and sold to 203p (+0.6p on the week).

Old season SQQ lambs averaged 190.8p per kg and sold to £98 (+12.3p on week) and 719 ewes averaged £49.17 and sold to £133 for tups, £103 for ewes. Heavy ewes £67.74; lighter ewes £34.01.

Principal prices per kg: Bee Edge 2.47, 2.43 M/s WTS Forsyth and Sons, 2.42 W Taylor (Lockerbie), 2.40 (2) M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd and Robert Wilson Butcher, 2.37 M/s J Gilmour and Co Ltd, 2.36 M/s JP Mason and Sons; Wester Ulston 2.45 M/s J Penny and Sons, Upper Nisbet 2.42 M/s J Penny and Sons; Lennoxlove 2.40 Ramsay Anderson Butcher; Mosstower 2.39 M/s J Penny and Sons; Saltoun Home Farm 2.39 W Taylor (Lockerbie); Hollybush 2.38 W Taylor (Lockerbie); Smailholm Mains 2.38 M/s J Penny and Sons; Nisbet M/s J Penny and Sons; Longnewton 2.36 M/s J Penny and Sons.

Principal Prices per head: Lurdenlaw £1679; Bee Edge £1593; Longnewton £1581.20, £1520.90; Willowford £1551; Humbie Mill £1530.

Cows per head: Kersknowe £1824.05, £1462.50; Cappuck £1674; Thirlestane £1427.40, £1323.45, £1157.30; Kingside £1412.90; Willowford £1380.40; Smeaton Shaw £1284.40; Humbie Mill £1252.50; Lauder Barns £1162.80; Rumbleton £1143.75, £1109.75; Upper Blainslie £1134.

Cows per kg: Willowford 2.03; Kingside 1.99; Kersknowe 1.95,1.91; Rumbleton 1.93,1.89,1.83, 1.69; Cappuck 1.86; Thirlestane 1.83, 1.73; Smeaton Shaw 1.79, 1.77, 1.69; Wester Ulston 1.69; Shaws 1.67.

Bulls: Stobswood £1971.60 (1.59); Wester Ulston £1664.65 (1.69).

Principal prices hoggs per head: Suff.x;- £98,£94 Burnhouse Mains, £95 Greenend, Tex.x;- £89 Greenend, £88 Ashcraig and Burnhouse Mains, Bel;- £88 Burnhouse Mains and Gilston, Chev;- £88 Tushielaw, £87.50 Gilmanscleugh, CM;- £83 Tushielaw, £82.50 Gilston, GF;- £82 Horseupcleugh, £77 Swinnie, BF;- £77.50 Kirkstead and Dryhope.

Principal prices hoggs per kg: Tex.x;- 215.7 Lower Ashtrees, 211.5 Howden, 207.5 Legerwood, Bel;- 209.7 Clarilaw, Chev;- 203.6 Saughtree and Thorlieshope, 200 Tushielaw, Suff.x;- 202.3, 201.2 Seafield, 201.2 Swinnie, 200 Tushielaw, ML;- 192.3 Whitmuir, GF;- 190.7 Horseupcleugh.

Cast ewes: Suff;- £103 Seafield, Suff.x;- £95 Allanshaws, £93 Legerwood, Tex;- £95 Stoneypath and Brotherstone, £87 Lochside, ZWA;- £90 Winkston, Bel;- £85 Hexpath, Chev;- £85 Allanshaws, HB;- £81 Bonjedward Mill, GF;- £77 Bettyfield and Lochside, £75 Treaty Park and Saughland, Lleyn;- £65 Brotherstone, BF;- £51 BQ Farming.

Rams: BFL;- £133 Kirkstead, Chev;- £107 Allanshaws, Tex;- £103 Bedrule, Suff;- £93 Smailholm

Mains, BF;- £77 BQ Farming, £75 Ettrickshaws.


THE Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 36 prime cattle, five young bulls, 21 over 30 month cattle, 7,387 prime hoggs and 6,557 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

A small show of prime cattle, with a full ringside of buyers, trade easily upheld last weeks trade. The sale was topped at 238.5p for a Limousin bullock shown by JC and D Nicholson and Son, The Gill and purchased by MJ Wharton, Wholesale butchers, Wigton. Messrs Nicholson sold others to 234.5p, 231.5p. Limousin heifers sold to 237.5p from A and WJ Taylor and Son, Dashwellgreen, and purchased by Border Meats, Wholesale Butcher, Lockerbie.

A better show of cast cows were on offer with a full ring of buyers both new and current the trade met a flyer. Top price was 227.5p and 208.5p for Limousins shown by Messrs Ritson, Swaites. Charolais to 204.5p Burnside, 200.5p Sceughdyke and Black and Whites selling to 179.5p Sceughdyke.

Another excellent show of 7,387 prime hoggs were forward to a full ring of buyers and bidding was keen with an overall sale average of 181.8p/kg (+10p) and SQQ of 184.5p/kg. The sale was topped at 279p for Beltex hoggs from MacTaggart Bros, Station Yard and to a top of £107.50 for Texel hoggs from Keith Farm. Best hoggs regularly sold between 230p and 260p.

The lightweight hoggs sold to £97.80 for Texels from Station Yard, £73.80 Keith Farm; Suffolk x £66.80 Keith Farm; Cheviot £70.20 Keith Farm, £69.80 Milnholm; Charollais £59.80 Ardlamy; Greyface £56.80 Dallowie; Cheviot Mule £60.80 Clochkeil; Blackface £54.80 Pitland Hill, £52 Catslackburn, £50.80 Arnicle; Swaledale £54.80 Westburnhope, £43.50 Coldshield.

Another grand show of 6,557 cast ewes and rams were forward to a large ring of buyers with trade for heavy ewes especially fit Mules dearer on the week. Good selling Texel and Continental ewes remain scarce and dear with best fleshed export types similar.

The sale topped at £134.50 for Texel ewes from J Wight and Son, Midlock, others £128.50 Tobemore £127.50 Roadside, £126.50 Yatesfield and Tobemore, £125.50 Nether Ernambrie, £124.50 Donemana; Suffolk £106.50 Tobemore, £105.50 Wick, £100.50 Flass, £94.50 Tobemore; Bleu de Maine £108.50 Severs Road; Rouge £108.50 Tobemore; Charollais £116.50 Roadside and Tobemore, £106.50 Severs, £100.50 Tobemore, £100 Wick; Greyface £79.50 Middle Farm, £78.50 Wick, £75.50 Longyester and Westhope; Cheviot Mules £71.50 Allfornaught, £69.50 Clochkeil; Leicester £86.50 Boreland, £82.50 Baggarah.

Light ewes: Cheviots £60.50 Hownam Grange and Barnakill; Blackface £59.50 Westloch, £53.50 Drinkstone, £50.50 Yatesfield; Swaledale £42.50 The Hollows, £40.50 Spital Shields, £39.50 East Unthank.

Prime rams: Charollais £114.50 Chapel Hill; Suffolk £88.50 Boreland, £77.50 Chapel Hill, £74.50 Gill Farm; Cheviot £59.50 Lintongate; Texel £95.50 Roadside, £94.50 Coytre and Philiphaugh; Leicester £86.50 East Unthank and Arnicle; Blackface £55.50 Arnicle, £50.50 Bluebell; North Country Cheviot £89.50 Philiphaugh,

£80.50 Olrig Mains; Swaledale £50.50 Westburnhope; Beltex £80.50 Mossband House.


LAST week Border Livestock Exchange Ltd sold 127 prime cattle including 19 cows, 1,428 prime sheep including 133 cast ewes, 720 store sheep and 150 store and breeding cattle.

Prime cattle continue to firm with all types keenly sought after. Aberdeen Angus cross steers from West Kyloe and Borewell Farm both Berwick, sold to 405p per kg; Fenwick Steads to 400p per kilo. A cracking pen of Continental Bullocks from Shidlaw, Cornhill, reached 377p per kilo and £1,656.16 per head to average £1,462.16.

Mick Gamble from Sharplaw topped the pounds per head section with a tremendous homebred young bull achieving an astonishing £2,054.25. Continental Cull Cows to £1,350.85 Blackadder Mains, Duns.

Lambs also firmed on the week as numbers shorten and demand increases. Export weights sold to £79.80 and 380p per kg from Great Tosson, Thropton. Texel lambs from Brandon Farm, Powburn, sold to 380p per kg and £79.04 per head. Continental cross lambs from Low Carriteth, Hexham and Threeburnford, Lauder, sold to 380p per kg.

Store cattle had their best trade of the year with Charolais x bullocks selling to £1,300 per head. 720 store lambs were sold with hill types selling for £52 per head.