Lucy is enjoying the sweet smell of success

A Berwickshire teenager is making a splash having created her own range of handmade toiletries and bath products.

Lucy Allan, aged just 19, launched her range of handmade goodies just three weeks ago.

SBBN-26-06-14 Business Lucy Allen

SBBN-26-06-14 Business Lucy Allen

“I’ve always loved perfumes and scents,” she says. “I was always getting given things like that for Christmas and birthdays, and this all just came from there.”

“I approached Anne at the Post Office here in Coldingham, and she said ‘yes’, which was great.”

A smiling Anne approved: “I think it can be quite good because people on holiday here often want to buy something local to support the community they visit and remind them of their trip,” she said.

“Basically I have a desk in my living room where I do all my mixing.

“It’s just like following a recipe, really.”

In more ways than one: the key to Lucy’s scents is playing on people’s childhood memories of their favourite sweets.

“People have said that the smells really remind them of sweets, so I worked on that.

“I have those flavours, or smells, things like Parma Violets or rhubarb and custard,” says Lucy, “and people seem really pleased with them.”

“There have been a couple of disasters,” Lucy admits, “and in that case a batch just has to be thrown out.

“That doesn’t happen very often - but you get odd smelling drains!”

Lucy has learnt that there is more to the heavily-regulated business than just smelling good.

“I’ve had to go through safety assessments, and health and safety assessments and the EU’s CPNP, and then I just went for it, and registered with HMRC.”

Lucy enjoys talking about her recipes, and shares her ideas online, although EU regulations mean that she is not allowed to sell ‘kits’.

And having only just started, Lucy already has an eye on the future: “I have plans to take on my cousin,” she says, which will be a major next step, as will taking over currently unused premises in her village to use as a base.

She also has plans - like most teenagers - for getting behind the wheel.

Once she passes her driving test,there is the possibility of selling or delivering from a van, as well as using her website and ebay.

You can browse Lucy’s products and buy them online at, or follow her on Facebook.