Helping horse owners get grip on safety

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NFU Mutual is working with the British Horse Society (BHS) and PRP Equine Rescue to help raise awareness on safety best practice for the loading and transportation of horses, following the results of an online survey and horsebox ‘weigh-in’ event which took place at Equifest in August 2011.

The three organisations joined forces to survey more than 2,000 horse owners in July this year. The survey aimed to assess the level of awareness of the rules and regulations surrounding the use of horseboxes and trailers and people’s general attitudes on the subject of safety.

Worryingly, 62% of survey respondents admitted that they do not take the loading and transportation of their horses as seriously as they should. When asked why, 66% cited a lack of knowledge and a confidence that they would never have a problem as the main reasons for complacency.

The message is simple - make a PACT to check the tyres on your horsebox or trailer and stay safe.

Check all tyres when they are cold and before every journey. Correct tyre pressure is vital for safety. Avoid overloading your horsebox or trailer. Overloaded it’s less stable, takes longer to stop and is more difficult to steer. Overloading can cause overheated tyres, rapid wear and increases chances of a blow out. For up to 3.5 tonnes the minimum legal depth is 1.6mm. For horseboxes above this weight is it 1 mm.