Fergus is a model trainer

Personal trainer Fergus Myer advising on nutrician aswell as fitness
Personal trainer Fergus Myer advising on nutrician aswell as fitness

He’s only been a personal trainer for six months but Fergus Myer has already seen one of his clients hit the big time.

The former Berwickshire High School student runs his own business from his home in Hutton after returning north from London where he was a student at the Charlton Athletic football academy.

He told ‘The Berwickshire’ whilst he is still firmly focused on his football, recently signing for Coldstream FC, he is keen to really get his personal training off the ground.

And he can boast a glowing reference from Yorkshire model Sophie Miller. Fergus trained her last year and after landing a lucrative contract she has graced the pages of the Sunday Telegraph and Grazia online.

And it gets better as Sophie has also received word that the shoot is bound for French Vogue as well.

“We’d been pals for a while before I was actually qualified as a trainer and then once I was she asked me to write her some plans for nutrition and exercise as she wanted to get in better shape,” Fergus explained.

“She was one of my first clients so it’s great that it’s gone so well for her.

“When I first gave her her plans she was a bit shocked by how much she could actually eat.”

Fergus said rather than dramatically reducing the amount eaten, his plans are all about eating plenty of the right foods.

“My plans concentrate on how much protein, carbohydrate and fat people have in their diet. There are healthy carbs and fats but if people choose not to eat as healthily they’ll notice they won’t get the results they’re hoping for as quickly.

“If people replace sugary foods and bad carbohydrates with foods like rice and keen-wa they’ll notice a difference as the weeks go by.”

Fergus is keen to put more people through their paces.

You can find more information at www.fergusmyer-pt.co.uk.