Farne Salmon HR team wins S1 Jobs 2016 Award

Farne Salmon collect HR Team of the Year at the s1 awards
Farne Salmon collect HR Team of the Year at the s1 awards

Farne Salmon’s HR team won recognition from Scotland’s recruitment at the recent s1 Recruitment Awards 2016.

The team from the Duns based fish factory won the team award for the work they have done to improve both conditions and development opportunities for the 700 staff who work there.

In their submission to the s1 Recruitment Award judges Farne were candid about how the factory jobs are viewed, saying: “Ever had a burning desire to work in a fish-processing factory? We thought not.

“Human Resources teams responsible for recruiting and retaining staff in sectors which are viewed by most potential employees as “less desirable” have a particular set of challenges to face.

“None more so than the small team at Farne Salmon tasked with recruiting, retaining and developing a workforce of over 700 people in a fish processing plant based in the rural Scottish Borders.

“The success of this small team in achieving its goals, creating a positive working environment, transforming the reputation of the business and developing rewarding long-term career opportunities for its workforce, we believe makes our HR team worthy of recognition through this award.”

And the judges agreed with them awarding the team title to Linda Dickson (Farne’s head of HR), Aileen Firth (resourcing manager), Pauline McGowan and now Anna Nesbit (business partners), Daniel McAninch (employee relations assistant), Rachael Sudlow (HR & resourcing assistant) and Linda Galloway (HR administrator).

The judges were looking to see what impact the HR teams had on businesses; from how the HR team have developed people, systems and the business to achieve their strategic objectives. Key factors included: retention within the team and wider business; team morale and engagement; recruitment strategies; team productivity; team contribution and implementation of specific HR initiatives; team effectiveness in delivering cost effective HR administration services; ability to improve bottom line profits and employee productivity.

“Farne Salmon’s HR team has made major steps forward in recent years to improve both its staff conditions and development opportunities - creating a 21st century business that puts its people at its heart,” added the company’s submission.

“The business has been transformed through a progressive HR strategy that recognises that people are the key ingredient of Farne’s long-term success.”