Duns firm introduces technical workshops to help local joiners

Hayden Martin with joiners at Flemming Homes, Duns, which will be running technical workshops
Hayden Martin with joiners at Flemming Homes, Duns, which will be running technical workshops

THERE is no denying that the construction industry has had a rough time since the catastrophic crash in the US banking sector in 2008.

And even though the economy is successfully clawing its way back from its darkest depths, growth is gradual and somewhat unpredictable.

The widespread changes we have witnessed in the country’s political landscape together with rising inflation, a rise in VAT and the eminent rise in interest rates, has understandably made us all a little bit wary as consumers.

Consumer confidence is low. Therefore the common goal of businesses has to be to focus on the positives to help reinstall confidence and stimulate growth.

In terms of building your own home there is the very positive argument that suggests there is no better time to do so.

The self build market is extremely competitive with designers, manufacturers and erectors alike bending over backwards to provide a service that is attractive enough to proceed with building your own home.

The bottom line is that you can build you new home for less and really maximise value for your money.

When building your own home, maximising value for money is attributed to quality; quality design, quality materials, quality workmanship. From initial design through to erection, it is crucial that each and every aspect of the dwelling is designed with quality in mind.

Duns-based Fleming Homes Ltd has been supplying quality timber frame homes throughout the UK for over 25 years and has supplied numerous homes within the Borders region. Many of these homes have been erected by joiners directly recommended by Fleming Homes.

Over the years Fleming Homes has developed a solid core of joiners who have proven that their work is of the standard required. But in terms of the national self build market this recommended list is relatively small.

In an effort to address this, the company is introducing a series of technical workshops which are aimed at providing local joiners with the opportunity to be officially listed on the company’s ‘accredited joiners’ list. This list will be promoted on a national basis which will provide potential opportunities for all those listed.

The workshops will focus on the specific erection process of a Fleming Homes timber frame and will incorporate everything from health and safety to technical SAP calculations.

The workshops will highlight the industry standard best practice guidelines as promoted by the UK Timber Frame Association and will provide an introduction to the UKTFA City and Guilds Timber Frame Erectors certification.

Although these workshops are primarily intended for local joiners, Fleming Homes will also welcome anyone with a genuine interest in timber frame erection.

The first workshop will be held on the first Friday in May.

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