Dunbar cider makers toasting success

Thistly Cross cider
Thistly Cross cider

CIDER makers near Dunbar are raising a glass to toast supermarket success.

Sainsbury’s has decided to stock the 330ml bottles of Thistly Cross in seven popular flavours - Original Still, Original Sparkling, Traditional, Real Strawberry, Real Elderflower, Real Ginger and Whisky Cask – in the majority of its stores across Scotland.

Thistly Cross cider was established as a collaboration between farmer Ian Rennie and Peter Stuart, an artist-turned-cider maker, in 2008.

Mr Stuart, head cider maker, said: “Thistly is a genuine farmhouse cider made on Belhaven Fruit Farm, Dunbar - sold by the folks that make it.

“We have built up a loyal fan base from working hard at farmers’ markets and foodie events, with continued support from small and local independent retailers and venues. But the irony of late has been that Thistly Cross has been a well known secret – it has had a loyal following but not everyone has been able to get hold of Thistly Cross as easily as they may have liked.

“By establishing this exciting relationship with Sainsbury’s we are enabling our devoted fans, as well as new Thistly Cross drinkers, to purchase Thistly Cross more easily.”