Creating jobs for graduates

First Minister Alex Salmond tours the Barrie factory
First Minister Alex Salmond tours the Barrie factory

Scottish Chambers of Commerce - including the Borders Chamber - this week announced the nationwide launch of the Graduate Recruitment Incentive.

This will provide support to small businesses across Scotland to create quality jobs for talented young graduates.

The First Minister, Alex Salmond, launched the programme on Tuesday in Campbeltown as part of an announcement on the Make Young People Your Business policy initiative.

The launch comes only a week after the First Minister and other members of the Scottish Cabinet were in Hawick for a series of community engagements including visits to local businesses.

James Aitken, Convener of the Scottish Borders Chamber, explained: “Businesses here in this part of Scotland have the knowledge, ambition and drive to deliver the growth that the Scottish economy needs right now. We’re pleased that the Scottish Government is supporting this private-sector led initiative to help small businesses to create new jobs for Scotland’s talented graduates.”

He added: “We all want to see the Borders play a leading role in strengthening Scotland’s economic recovery and this requires dynamic, growing businesses, creating jobs.

“That is why I am delighted that our small businesses in the Borders will have the opportunity to participate in the Graduate Recruitment Incentive, to create new and exciting jobs for our most talented graduates.

“Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting local firms and helping them to make young people a part of their businesses.

“Young employees can provide real benefits to local companies, bringing knowledge and enthusiasm. A career that starts in a small business creates great potential for a young graduate, providing the opportunity to learn a range of skills and make a real contribution to that business’s success.”