Both sides take stock in countdown to referendum

A Scotland flag. View of a Saltire.
A Scotland flag. View of a Saltire.
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Activists on both sides of the referendum question are claiming strong support as their campaigns enter the final stretch.

With just a week to go to polling day, both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ advocates feel that they have recently found converts to their cause.

Both sides attribute the late changes from “don’t knows” and indecision to the dissemination of information taking root in people’s minds.

Speaking this week, Alex Wilson, chair of Yes Berwickshire, said that he and his 40-strong group had “felt something happening” in the last week, after months of campaigning.

“There is something in the air,” he continued, “and I think it maybe has something to do with the fact the vote is only a week or so away.”

He acknowledged that the yes camp had been at a disadvantage in the Border regions in some ways.

“As people we’re conditioned to fear change,” he said, “ and what we’ve been proposing is a really very big change.

“All we can keep doing, and all we are going to do, is to go out there and talk to people. It’s all about speaking to them face to face.”

Alison Fullarton of Lumsden, meanwhile, has found as part of the Better Together East Berwickshire’s work in the last six months, the supposed ‘yes’ support is less certain in the area than might be supposed.

“When you’re out and about in the area,” she said, “you can see all the saltires and everything everywhere.

“But we have found a solid base of support for staying united.

“When you talk to people who have described themselves as ‘undecided’, you soon realise that it’s just because they haven’t realised they want to vote ‘no’.”