Berwick Trade Fair cancelled

Berwick businesses at the Trade Fair
Berwick businesses at the Trade Fair

The Berwick Trade Fair due to take place at the end of the month has been cancelled due to a lack of uptake.

The event, billed as “An opportunity for our community to come together and show what’s great about our region,” will now no longer go ahead on April 25.

This is in stark contrast to last year’s event, which attracted over 50 local producers, businesses and tradespeople.

John Moses, chair of the Better Business Forum since it was set up two-and-a-half years ago, said that despite, and maybe even because of, the success of last year’s event, the fair would not be held.
“Last year, we had around 60 stalls, it was great,” he explained, “and this year, we only had 11.
“And that is despite all the advertising we have done in the local press, and on the radio and social media.”
He added: “One of the concerns we have is that we [the Better Business Forum] are a charity, and we have already spent a lot of money on the advertising of the event.”
After last year, the Better Business Forum sent out feedback sheets, asking participants how the trade fair could be improved.
“Comments came back, saying ‘Hold it on a Saturday, make it a more communal event,’” said John.
“So, we did. But we found that this year people said that they couldn’t commit to a Saturday.
“In the end, we felt we had to cancel it. We thought it better to do that now, rather than push through like this.
“It seems at least in part to be down to the fact that people see their businesses pulling out of the recession, and they don’t feel that they need the help.
“It’s a difficult decision, but it is also a practical one.”

All those business that had taken up the offer of a stall have received an email with details of the cancellation, and will be fully refunded.