Berwick tourism business in nutty new partnership

Janet Wickens, Director at RSST and Gary Herron, Managing Director at Tour.ISM
Janet Wickens, Director at RSST and Gary Herron, Managing Director at Tour.ISM

IZZY the red squirrel is now acting as a tour guide for Berwick based on-line tourism marketing company Tour.iSM.

The award winning online marketing company has forged a new partnership with the Red Squirrel Survival Trust (RSST) and Izzy the squirrel is a key player when it comes to engaging with its customers across the UK.

Tour.iSM is the UK’s leading provider of tourism and hospitality websites including those for accommodation, restaurants and things to do.

Established in 2007, the company now has over 2,000 national websites in its portfolio with the majority of them being ranked on page one of the major search engines in the UK.

With over 2,500 members using their sites across the UK and Ireland, the company recently launched a new member-focused strategy which aims to engage directly with their national member-base.

This includes a new addition to the customer service team, Izzy, the red squirrel and the face of the Tour.iSM brand.

Izzy’s role within the team is to keep customers and members up to date with all things ‘Tour.iSM’ including reviews of member sites across the UK, helpful advice on online marketing and tips to help members grow their online presence – all with the core objective of supporting members in their business.

Welcoming Izzy into the business managing director, Gary Herron, explained: “Izzy is an independent and adventurous type of squirrel who likes to explore new places and meet interesting people along the way – she will be bringing our members with her on her travels across the UK.

“The red squirrel is loved by so many of us here in England – it is an icon for English heritage and the countryside, which is what the Tour.iSM brand is centred around.

“Being a creature close to my own heart, due to me living in a currently Red Squirrel populated area, I wanted to support an organisation that focused on the protection of reds whilst also raising awareness of this endangered species to our members.

“The RSST was the perfect partner as they had a strong Northumberland presence as well as national reach,” he added.

The RSST is a national body established to ensure the conservation and protection of red squirrels in the UK. It focuses on the areas where reds are seriously endangered, which includes northern England and southernScotland.

As part of Tour.iSM’s new communications programme, members will be encouraged to support the RSST charity - and how could they not when faced with Izzy - as well as raise awareness of the trust and its purpose to its members across the UK.

Janet Wickens, director of the RSST, commented: “Our main aim is to raise awareness of the plight of reds in the UK and to protect both them and their long-term future.

“It is great to have a company like Tour.iSM on board as a partner and for them to be so proactive in raising awareness of RSST and our purpose to their national reaching membership-base.

“We hope that other businesses will follow their lead and help us raise funds so that we can assist red squirrels in areas where their population numbers have stabilised or are increasing and to establish new colonies across the UK wherever feasible.”