Beef health event to be held at Lilburn Estate

SAC Consulting's Richard Jeffreys (Left) with Lilburn Estate Farm Manager Dominic Naylor (Right).
SAC Consulting's Richard Jeffreys (Left) with Lilburn Estate Farm Manager Dominic Naylor (Right).

Creating a healthy and productive beef unit has been challenged over the last few months by inclement weather conditions and poor yields of both crops and grassland.

In order to restore farmers’ faith in growing beef, the Wooler based division of SAC Consulting are to host a Beef Event in partnership with Lilburn Estates. The specialist event will bring together SAC Consulting’s expert advisors as well as a number of other renowned speakers to discuss the future of the beef industry and how changes in the short term can improve your beef herd health and productivity.

Taking place on Monday, November 19, at East Horton Farm near Wooler, by permission of Lilburn Estates Farming Partnership, and an integral part of the day will be a tour of the Lilburn Estates Beef Unit.

With beef prices high, farmers and breeders should be looking to maximise their outputs from their herds. Starting the line up of speakers is Dominic Naylor, farm manager of Lilburn Estate who will give an overview of the entire farming enterprise.

On hosting this event Dominic Naylor said: “The farm management team at Lilburn Estate are very pleased to be hosting this event. Cattle are an integral part of the successful mixed farming operation here at Lilburn Estates and this is an opportunity for beef farmers both local and from afar to experience an excellent field day that includes on farm discussions and a seminar component.”

This is a day of two halves; the morning is an on farm field day with a large portion of interaction as attendees rotate around three different stations with presentations from experts in their fields.

The event begins at 10.30am and will conclude around 3pm. To book a place call 01668 283 363 or email