Adjudicator appointment welcomed

BORDERS MP Michael Moore described news yesterday that the Groceries Code Adjudicator has been appointed, as ‘a boost for a stronger and fairer rural economy’.

The appointment means that farmers and suppliers in the Borders will now have someone fighting their corner against the big supermarkets.

As adjudicator, Christine Tacon will be responsible for enforcing the Groceries Supply Code of Practice, which regulates interactions between the ten largest supermarkets and farmers and suppliers.

This will ensure a fairer deal for farmers and suppliers in the Borders, who can complain to the adjudicator if they are unfairly treated by supermarkets.

If a breach of the code is found, the adjudicator will be able to make recommendations against a supermarket or impose fines.

Welcoming the appointment, Michael Moore said: “I have long-campaigned for a Grocery Code Adjudicator to end the situation where farmers and suppliers in the Borders are unfairly treated by big supermarkets.

“For too long supermarkets have held the balance of power in the marketplace, which has led to many local producers receiving unfair prices and struggling to stay in business.

“This in turn has damaged our local community and our local economy here in the Scottish Borders.

“The adjudicator will stand up for our local farmers and ensure they get a fair deal.”