BUAS help Laura on her way to Singapore

Laura says she is hoping to broaden her knowledge of the agricultrual industry.
Laura says she is hoping to broaden her knowledge of the agricultrual industry.

Laura Mitchell from Mount Pleasant Farm will be among 400 delegates from 30 countries attending the 27th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference in Singapore.

Organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) the conference takes place from November 2-4.

Thanks to a grant from the Border Union Agricultural Society (BUAS) Laura, 24, who works as an agricultural officer for the Rural Payments and Inspections and on her family farm near Norham, will attend the event to discuss global issues such as food security, sustainability and bridging the rural-urban divide in agriculture.

Commenting on her successful application for funding Laura said: “I am delighted to be awarded a study grant from the BUAS to attend the conference. I am looking forward to networking with likeminded people who are also involved in the agricultural industry.

“It is a hugely exciting industry to be involved in and I am hoping that the conference will broaden my knowledge of the industry at a wider level and provide inspiration from other Commonwealth countries as to how they are addressing the rural-urban divide.”

The delegates will get an opportunity to see tropical agriculture in Singapore and Johor, Malaysia, and learn about how Singapore’s farms have innovated and survived despite nearly full urbanisation.

Michael Lambert, RASC’s honorary secretary, added: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with agricultural powerhouses from ASEAN, Asia and Europe. Food security is not just a Commonwealth issue. As the Commonwealth evolves, it will embrace the contributions of non-Commonwealth nations in this very important area of humanity - agriculture.”