Brunta wind farm appeal

Wind turbine
Wind turbine
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Brunta Hill wind farm developer PNE Wind UK Ltd has appealed against Scottish Borders Council’s refusal to allow eight wind turbines to be erected on the site near Westruther.

The council’s planning committee turned down the application in August this year and PNE were waiting for the outcome of the nearby Corsbie Moor wind farm appeal before deciding on their next step.

Despite the Corsbie Moor turbine appeal failing, PNE have concluded that their case for a windfarm at Brunta Hill is stronger and have lodged an appeal with the Directorate for Planning & Environmental Appeals.

Gemma Hamilton, PNE WIND project development manager, said: “We have carefully considered the reasons why the application was refused by Scottish Borders Council, and believe that in reaching its decision the council did not apply enough weight to the environmental and socio-economic benefits that the proposal presents.

“We believe that we have demonstrated that the Brunta Hill Wind Farm is well-sited in a landscape which is already characterised by wind turbines and that the revised eight-turbine scheme of reduced scale is well designed and takes into account the feedback received during the consultation process.

“ We believe this wind farm and its associated impacts are acceptable in planning terms and the right balance of maximising the renewable potential of the site whilst minimising the associated landscape and visual impacts has been achieved.”