Broadband speeds continue to disappoint

Rachael Hamilton MSP
Rachael Hamilton MSP

A Which? 2017 snapshot of the Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire constituency reveals residents attitudes and concerns about public and utility services, and their own finances.

Issues of concern to local residents are energy prices, public services and spending cuts, pension values and household debt, the percentage figures varying only a few points from the national average.

However, when it comes to trust in particular business sectors people in the area seen to feel let down by the broadband/phone services they are receiving. While 41% of UK constituents responding to the Which survey trusted the broadband/phone services they receive, only 33% here were happy with it - average broadband speeds being low compared to all UK constituencies.

Rachael Hamilton MSP for the constituency commented: “This Which? report highlights that poor broadband/ home phone services and mobile phone services is having an impact on local residents.

“It is simply not good enough that the Borders is neglected and seemingly the last to receive broadband or mobile phone service improvements. The Scottish Borders is crying out for faster broadband and better mobile phone services.”