‘Bring back our wheelchairs’

A minister is appealing for the return of “eight or nine” missing wheelchairs, all supplied by Coldstream’s Red Cross depot but yet to be handed back.

Rev Jim Watson visited the charity’s depot in Coldstream this week to pick up a wheelchair for a parishioner’s mother, only to be told that eight or nine had been loaned out and are missing.

“I would have hoped that anyone benefiting from such a service from the Red Cross might: (a) have felt a wish to show their gratitude in some tangible form; and (b) taken good care of the valuable resource in order to ensure that others could benefit as their relatives had enjoyed the service,” said Rev Watson, currently locum minister at Chirnside Parish Church.

“It seems one thing to ‘forget’ to return crutches and sticks – and quite another to mislay a wheelchair or not realise that others might be waiting anxiously to avail themselves of the Red Cross service.

“I hope it is not seen as too late to make amends for any oversight.”