Brenda goes the extra mile for Katie-Lou

Brenda Dixon
Brenda Dixon
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The thought of running even one mile would strike fear into some people but Burnmouth’s Brenda Dixon has just ran her 200th in little over eight months.

Brave Brenda decided to challenge herself to clock up the impressive mileage in aid of the Care for Katie Lou Foundation after being touched by the story of courageous Eyemouth teen Katie-Lou MacLean who was seriously injured after being swept into the sea last year.

To reach the 200 mile mark, Brenda, who works at Eyemouth Pharmacy, signed up for over 10 different races, including marathons, half marathons and 10ks, beginning with the Barcelona Marathon at the start of the year.

The Care for Katie- Lou Foundation wasn’t the first cause Brenda had ran for. In the past she’s made charity strides for Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Care and she had no shortage of supporters this time around.

They helped Brenda to raise £1000 and after secretly setting that as her target, Brenda is thrilled to have achieved the fundraising figure.

And there’s one family in the town who are particularly proud of Brenda and massively grateful to her.

In a post on, Katie’-Lou’s dad Andy wrote: ‘She’s covered a lot of ground, gone through a lot of blood, sweat & tears and deserves recognition for being an insane masochist, but all for the best intentions’

Brenda’s epic feat wasn’t all plain sailing, in fact her charity challenge could have come to an abrupt end after she injured her hamstring during the Edinburgh Marathon back in April.

“I knew straight away it was my hamstring and really I should have stopped running after a few miles,” Brenda told ‘The Berwickshire’.

“But I didn’t want to let anyone down and I forced myself to continue.

“The injury put me out of action for 10 weeks which meant I had to cancel one of the races I had planned to enter.”

However as soon as she was fit to run again, Brenda, who trains with Chirnside Chasers, threw herself straight back into her running, with the Great North Run among the other races she completed.

And it was her final event, a gruelling 33 mile ultra marathon that she picked as an unlikely favourite.

“It was completely different to anything I’d done before although I couldn’t have got any wetter!”