Borders tribute to President Lincoln

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2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln, and Scottish Borders Council is paying tribute to him as part of a new exhibition.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has correspondence from across the world, received in 1865 after the influential former US president was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Among these are two letters of condolence from the Scottish Borders noting its sympathy, and the USA museum has asked the council to provide a new letter to sit alongside the historic documents in an exhibition at the museum in Springfield, Illinois. They will also be hosted online at

Agreeing to the request Scottish Borders Council convener Graham Garvie and leader Councillor David Parker have penned a tribute.

Councillor Garvie said: “We were very pleased and honoured, on behalf of the people of the Scottish Borders, to be part of this fitting tribute. I have always

been a great admirer of Lincoln and in particular his wisdom, insight, speeches and writings, and have been privileged to have visited the magnificent memorial to him in Washington several times.”

The 2015 tribute to Lincoln from the Borders reads; For Scots it is Lincoln’s fundamental understanding of the importance of freedom and education with which we most closely identify and regard as his greatest legacy.”