Borders MP wants RBS to think again

The Royal Bank of Scotland in Duns
The Royal Bank of Scotland in Duns

The UK Government’s Scottish Affairs Committee has concluded that RBS should halt its branch closures plans, which include Duns and Eyemouth.

The committee published a damning report into the closure plans, criticising the bank for being clueless about the damage the closures would do to the communities affected, and also criticising the UK Government for their inaction.

Vice-chair of the committee, Borders MP John Lamont described the closure plans as a devastating blow for affected communities, and said: “RBS needs to look again at this decision, if only to reflect on the impact it is having on its brand image. RBS customers from across the Borders feel angry and betrayed, something which bank bosses appear completely unaware of.

“There was nothing stopping UK Ministers from publicly criticising the decision.”