Borders MP calls for independence referendum to be in 2013

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SEPTEMBER 2013 is the Secretary of State for Scotland, and Borders MP Michael Moore’s preferred date for the Scottish independence referendum and he’s pushing the Scottish Government to let the Scottish people have their say sooner rather than later.

Following the UK Government’s publication last week of a proper timetable for the independence referendum next September, Mr Moore said: “The SNP have made breaking up the United Kingdom their raison d’être so it is baffling that now they have the majority in the Scottish Parliament to bring forward a referendum, they are delaying it for nearly three years.

“I cannot understand why the people of Scotland should have to wait so long to decide whether Scotland should leave the UK family.

“The UK Government have produced a timetable that shows that we can have our say on independence in September 2013; no cutting corners and with all processes properly followed.

“Yet the Scottish Government claim our proposal is a ‘silly distraction’ and ‘full of holes’ but they don’t give any reason why this is such a distraction or outline what the flaws actually are.

“This insistence on a delay is quite a change of tune from the Scottish Government. In 2009, they wanted to hold the referendum in 2010 and in 2010 they wanted to hold it ‘as soon as possible’. Now they want to wait until 2014.

“Delaying the referendum until 2014 is damaging for businesses here in the Borders and bad for the economic recovery so I am urging the Scottish Government to work with us, end the unnecessary delay and hold it next year.”