Borders homelessness pressures

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Homelessness figures in the Borders hit a five year high in the spring but were described as a “snapshot from one day” by Scottish Borders Council.

Scottish Government statistics showed that on June 30, 2013, that there were 93 households in the Borders who were homeless and being housed in temporary accommodation.

Local MSP John Lamont criticised the figures and called on the Scottish Government to act in order to see more houses built in the region to help them and the many others currently on waiting lists for housing.

He said: “We should be doing everything we can to limit the number of people being placed in temporary accommodation, and the length of time that they are staying in it. Instead the SNP Government are making the problem worse through their budget decisions.

“For these homeless households and the many more who have been waiting for years we need to see action taken to see them given somewhere that they can finally call home.”

Explaining the statistics being used, a spokesperson for SBC said: “The figure of 93 “homeless households in the Borders that are in temporary accommodation” is taken from the Scottish Government publication ‘Operation of the Homeless Persons Legislation in Scotland Quarterly Update: 1 April to 30 June 2013’ and describes the position as at June 30, 2013.

“The figures given in this table are a ‘snapshot’ of the position on the last day of a three month reporting cycle and, taken in isolation, are not necessarily a good indicator of trends.

“For example, on September 30, 2013, there were only 84 households in temporary accommodation in the Borders. This is one of the lowest levels of households in temporary accommodation in the Borders in the last five years.