Borderers urged to register for elections vote

In support of national ‘Register to Vote Day’ on Tuesday, representatives of all political parties in the Scottish Parliament joined forces to urge people to make sure they are registered to vote ahead of the local council elections on May 3.

Electoral Commission research shows that 44 per cent of people who are not registered to vote mistakenly believe they are.

Those particularly at risk of losing the chance to have their say are people who have moved house since last autumn, and younger people.

A joint statement issued by all MSPs read: “Your local council makes decisions which affect you every day from education to housing and from recycling to care services.

“Whichever way you plan to vote at the local council elections on May 3 you will need to be registered to have your say on the issues that matter to you.

“Make sure you are registered to vote by the deadline of April 18 by visiting

The Commission’s nationwide public information campaign aims to ensure voters know how to register and vote in the elections on May 3.

They are sending an information booklet to all 2.5 million households in Scotland which includes information on the voting system which will be used at the elections.

To vote in the local council elections people must be 18 or over and be a British, EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizen.