Bookworm Izzy reads 100 books in first term

Eyemouth High reader
Eyemouth High reader

FOR some teenagers reading a book isn’t high on their list of priorities but for one Eyemouth High pupil is is fast becoming her favourite past time.

Amazingly, since arriving at the school in August, Izzy has read over 100 books- no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination.

Would you like to instil the same love of reading in your children? If so, Izzy has some guidance on what books they should read.

She has lost herself in a variety of different series of books and is keen to share her suggestions.

The first series that Izzy enjoyed was The Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz.

“I like these books because they have a lot of twists and are perfect for making you hang onto every word,” she told ‘The Berwickshire News’.

“These books are all about a young boy who ends up a spy and gets himself into a whole series of adventures.

Izzy also likes the The Cherub Books by Robert Muchamore and enjoys them so much as the main protagonist is a teenager.

“These books are about kids going undercover. They would appeal to anyone who likes action packed books and spy stories.”

Finally, Izzy thinks ;The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness; by Michelle Paver will capture the attention of any animal lover as well as anyone who likes an adventure book.

When asked about why Izzy likes reading so much, she had a quick answer.

“I get lost in books and I am able to create my own worlds.”

It’s little wonder she has read so many books when you look at some of the issues facing teenagers today.

Who wouldn’t want to escape into a land where anything is possible and teenagers can save the world?

When asked which book she would choose to take to take to a desert island it didn’t take her long to answer.

Her choice- ‘Oath Breaker’ by Michelle Paver, mainly because of its elaborate descriptions.

“I can actually feel the wind in my cheeks,” she enthused.

One of the amazing things about Izzy is that she is still only in first year yet she has such a connection with the library, enjoying the space it has to offer.

Since making the step up from from neraby Cockburnspath Primary School she has noticed a difference in the choice of reading material available to her and her fellow pupils,

“The high school library is a lot bigger and there are books for everyone here,” she added

“There are all sorts of genres depending on what you like.”

Librarian Anne Renstead loves seeing people such as Izzy devour the books that she has in the library.

She commented: “We have a number of enthusiastic readers, particularly S1-3 and we are currently looking to create a comfortable reading corner in our spacious library.

“Izzy and some of our other reading enthusiasts are always keen to suggest what I should buy for the library.

“We are lucky that the school and parent council are very supportive and we are usually able to satisfy our readers.”