Bollywood comes to Berwick

PETER Waite, promoter of the Berwick Bandits speedway team will go to any lengths to get good solid positive publicity for his beloved club, and indeed the town in which they are based . . . but breaking a leg?

While riding for the Bandits in the mid 70s a collision with former Bandit Lex Milloy, sent Waite crashing over the safety fence and into hospital. Milloy later went on to become a Hollywood stunt man but Waite's career as a speedway rider came to an end as a result of the crash and now thirty years later the two men have been re-united thanks to a film being made about Milloy's life by two well-known Bollywood producers.

Berwick Bandits and the town will have starring roles in the film that is soon to go into production on the banks of the River Tweed.

The world class team behind the venture is Trinity Pictures and director Rod Woodruff, along with the experienced Bollywood producers, Manu Kumaran and Tutu Sharma of Medient Entertainment. They will be ably assisted by Waite in the direction and production of the new full-length motion picture entitled '3,4,5,6,' a story which traces the real life adventures of Milloy, a rider who rode for Berwick, amongst other teams before moving on to the world of films as a stunt man.

The biopic will follow Milloy from his earliest memories as a kid growing up in the world of bikes, through his discovery of speedway, and his development in the sport right up to the horrendous crash which ended his career on the shale.

The filming will take place from July at Berwick Speedway meetings, and the town and district, with several period pieces being planned including a reconstruction of the old Meadowbank pits from the 1960s with authentic clothing, and bikes of the era.

Waite never saw Milloy after that career-ending crash in the 70s. But suddenly out of the blue ago Milloy and Trinity Pictures contacted him three months ago with the idea to bring Berwick and the Bandits into the proposed film.

It was one which was thoroughly embraced by Waite who never shirks a chance of getting the Bandits' branding into the public eye, although he had to fight long and hard to make sure the entire shoot would be taking place at Shielfield Park and the town of Berwick upon Tweed in order to maximise the benefits.

"I instantly saw this as a chance far too good to be overlooked as the exposure this new movie should give Berwick and the Bandits could not be bought for any amount of money," said a thrilled Waite.

"Once things came to me there was no way I could let this one escape from Berwick and I think Trinity will only agree when they view the final cut that there was no better place to set this thrilling story of one man's passion for motorbikes and racing."

Filming will start at Berwick's 40th anniversary meeting which is being held at Shielfield on June 23 and will continue in the town at the start of July.

"This has got to be the absolute most exciting venture I, or the club, have been involved with in this 40th season, or any of the previous 39!" said Waite.

"It's going to be a fantastic experience and a load of fun for all concerned, but the most important thing is the boost the speedway club and the district will get once this movie hits the big silver screens globally!"

Casting has now been completed, and it's expected that those involved in the production will be unveiled over the next week or so.