Blackrig wind farm plans go on display in Duns library

SBBN-11-06-15 RES display Blackrig plans duns library
SBBN-11-06-15 RES display Blackrig plans duns library

Proposals for the Blackrig Wind Farm are on display in Duns Contact Centre Library until Monday June 22.

Renewable Energy Systems (RES) are displaying proposals to get community feedback on the plans.

The proposed Blackrig Wind Farm is located 5km west of Duns. Current proposals are for a 10 turbine wind farm, capable of generating up to 30MW of energy.

Materials on display provide an overview of the project including maps showing the zone of theoretical visibility, which show the predicted worst case extent of visibility of the wind farm from various locations,

There will also be a number of photomontages providing impressions of what the wind farm would look like from a number of key locations in the surrounding area.

Kirsten Sweeney, Blackrig Wind Farm Community Relations Manager, said: “We want to make sure that we engage with as many people as possible from the local communities surrounding this site. This display in Duns Library Contact Centre will hopefully be viewed by people dropping in to the library who may not normally take an interest in our proposals.

“We are still in the process of finalising the design of this site so it is a great time for the community to give us their feedback.”

RES has been engaging with the communities in the towns and villages around Duns to provide information, and to get feedback, on the proposals for Blackrig Wind Farm.

RES has launched a dedicated project website at June 11 will also see the first meeting of a Community Liaison Group made up of representatives from the five Community Councils surrounding the site.