Black Bull Street in Duns still closed after a fire last July

Black Bull Street, Duns
Black Bull Street, Duns

The continued closure of Black Bull Street in Duns, following a fire at the fish and chip shop there last July was raised last week.

At last week’s Berwickshire Area Committee Michaelle Burns Greig raised the issue of the road still being closed almost eight months after the fire.

“I have spoken to the council about it and I understand that there is a health and safety issue and an insurance issue,” Ms Burns Greig told the forum.

“It’s a cause of congestion in the town centre, particularly when a road was closed in Duns because of road works – it would have been useful to have had it open.

“It’s causing problems elsewhere in the Square.

“I would hope the council could do something to get this on the move. Seven months is a long time for something not to have happened.”

Replying, Councillor Frances Renton said: “The council is aware of the issues there and when I spoke to the relevant officers they told me the job had been put out to tender, and they were waiting for the tenders coming back.”

Councillor Renton agreed to follow up the matter and report back.

Black Bull Street has been the focus of much attention locally in the past two years.

Before the fire, residents of the street complained about the lack of residents’ parking in Black Bull Street and they also wanted the council to make it one way, citing speeding traffic as the reason. They had the support of Duns Community Council and the community police officer.

However, their request coincided with a Scottish Borders Council Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) restricting parking in the street – a TRO that was passed – and the council’s roads officer indicated that any further changes to traffic in the street would have to wait until the next round of TROs.