Black Agnes has historic tale to tell

Dunbar Town House Museum and Gallery will open its doors to potential protectors of the town on Saturday (May 19).

This is part of the Festival of Museums, a three day cultural extravaganza that offers exciting and unique day and night events in museums and galleries throughout Scotland.

Dunbar is holding its own free event, and visitors to the Town House Museum and Gallery between 1-4pm on Saturday will have a chance to defend the town alongside 14th century countess of Dunbar ‘Black Agnes’. There may be a few enemies hiding in the museum too.

Visitors will discover why Black Agnes needs help to build some new defences for Dunbar Castle as she protects Scotland from English invasion.

Participants will also be able to use materials provided to build a siege engine, new castle walls or replace a stolen fireplace.

Black Agnes will be on hand to tell visitors exactly why she had fled from the Castle. Plus, you might just find someone hiding in the rooms of Dunbar Town House – but is it a friend or enemy?