Birds’ breeding sites put at risk

A merlin falcon
A merlin falcon

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“All statutory consultees are being contacted to ensure the incorrect version is returned to our consultants and new, correct versions will be sent to them as soon as possible.”

When his initial efforts to get EDF ER to remove the document from their web site were ignored Mr Rowley copied Scottish Government Ministers into his correspondence, saying “EDF have effectively published a visitor’s guide to the Lammermuirs for egg collectors and other wildlife criminals”, and soon after, the confidential moorland bird report was removed from the renewable energy company’s web site.

The company has since re-written to all Fallago Rig 2 consultees, who received the documents connected to the scoping report they have requested for a 17 turbine extension to the wind farm, asking them to return the CD containing the sensitive material.

They explained: “This confidential annex should have only been included in the scoping reports to the nature conservation consultees and the planning authorities.

“This information should not be released into the public domain and I request that you do not disclose the content of this annex.”

Responding to Mr Rowley an EDF ER spokesperson said: “We apologise for this genuine error and thank you again for taking the time to let us know.”