BHA’s modular houses delayed

Berwickshire Housing Association
Berwickshire Housing Association

Berwickshire Housing Association’s first foray into building modular houses to speed up delivery of new homes has hit a few snags.

There are 62 new pre-fabricated properties in Duns and Eyemouth waiting to be let, but despite the claim they can be completed in less than a month, almost ten months after they were delivered to site they are still not ready to be occupied.

A Berwickshire Housing Association spokesperson said this week: “Unfortunately Adston, the developer has experienced some issues with third parties which were out-with their control. This has resulted in delays.

“BHA is working hard to support Adston to minimise the effect of these issues and to ensure final works are completed as quickly as possible.

“We have kept the prospective tenants up to date throughout the process and have met with them, in person, to minimise the impact of any delay.

“A final date for entry is being agreed at present and we will confirm this as quickly as possible.

“We will be communicating on this with our tenants first.”

The two and three storey family homes and cottage flats at Station Road, Duns and Acredale Road, Eyemouth, were pre-assembled in Adston’s Livingstone factory and transported to site in October last year, with two pre-built modules per house.

The trusses are added on site and the houses can be made wind-and-water-tight in just 22 days.

The bulk of the pre-fabrication work for the homes was carried out in a factory in Livingston, the homes assembled into an entire module per floor, complete with windows, doors, finishing joinery and undercoat of paint. They were then transported to site.