BHA has “real aspirations” for Eyemouth

CHIEF executive of Berwickshire Housing Association (BHA), Helen Forsyth said she “has real aspirations for Eyemouth,” with plans to build more homes in the seaside town and work alongside other local organisations to help achieve their vision for the area.

BHA have 556 homes in Eyemouth, with plans to build at least 30 more at Acredale, which was the location for the association’s Skip Day last month, held in a bid to get residents to tidy up their homes and gardens.

And with two full skips at the end of the day it proved a massive success.

The Skip Day was a scheme that residents couldn’t fail to be aware of but Helen said that the biggest problem in Eyemouth was the fact tenants didn’t know enough about the other initiatives BHA run which could be hugely beneficial to them.

“I think the consensus in Eyemouth is that because our offices are based in Duns we don’t have much of a presence in the town.

“This isn’t true; we have dedicated staff for the Eyemouth area and at the moment we are looking into the possibility of having a permanent base in the town.

“For us it’s all about inclusion and getting the message out that we want to be as useful as we possibly can be.

“We’ve got our early intervention programme and the Next Steps project both of which have given us a number of local success stories.”

As well as running their own initiatives, BHA has also got on board with a number of organisations in Eyemouth to work towards a common goal of building a prosperous future for the town and its residents.

“Eyemouth has its own Development Trust; community council and the Eyemouth Initiative and we are always looking at what we can do to support them.

“Anti-social behaviour has never been as big a problem in the town as some people would like to think but it is still something we monitor very closely.

“We’ve got our own community safety officer for Eyemouth which means any problems that do occur can be nipped in the bud straight away.

“Our figures show that there are currently over 60 families seeking a house in Eyemouth and as well as giving them somewhere to live we want to help people sustain their tenancies wherever we can.”