BGH staff take to web to voice frustrations

Borders General Hospital parking sign with parking restrictions being enforced.
Borders General Hospital parking sign with parking restrictions being enforced.
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A Facebook page has been swamped by BGH staff concerned about the impact of new parking regulations in the hospital’s grounds.

The ‘BGH Parking Fiasco’ page has attracted over 1,300 likes and over 200 comments from staff, patients and local people in less than a week.

On Monday morning the page administrators posted: “It’s great to see such support for the BGH staff from workers, friends, family and the local community given how much this is affecting the staff and now others nearby the hospital as well.

“Hopefully there will be a resolution that works for patients, staff and locals.”

Speaking to The Tweeddale Press they said: “What needs underlined is that our opinion is that the new parking in the main car park for improved patient parking is good and very helpful for patients, especially disabled or elderly ones.

“We simply feel that if you take away hundreds of parking spaces from staff use for these purposes you should create or offer the staff another dedicated area to park in within or near the grounds.”

They added: “The web page is allowing everyone affected to voice their opinion, to gain information on parking fines, to support each other and to suggest ideas or solutions.

“There have been many interesting and useful comments on the web page so far and we are simply pleased that everyone has responded to it so positively and they are happy to have a forum to voice their opinions.”

The creation of short-stay parking in the largest of the hospital’s car parks has forced staff to find alternative places to park, but this has had a knock-on impact on the neighbouring village of Darnick and roads surrounding the hospital.

Bridget Khursheed, community councillor and chair of Darnick Village Trust, said: “I am receiving complaints daily about the parking situation - our community has been taken over by cars from the hospital to the extent where it feels like a giant car park and even our village hall users, often elderly residents, are turning back because they cannot get close enough to the hall.

“We are a village with old fashioned narrow roads and little or no parking control and the community cannot accept being treated like this.

“Our community has been changed from a village to an overspill car park overnight. We really need a solution to this and fast.”

Local MSP John Lamont is to raise the issue of parking at the BGH, and the impact of the new restrictions, when he meets with NHS Borders bosses tomorrow (Friday).

NHS Borders failed to provide a response to a series of questions in time for our deadline on Wednesday.