Beware Rambo the ram on the rampage on coastal path walk

Ram who attacked walker Gilbert Summers
Ram who attacked walker Gilbert Summers

a TERRITORIAL ram is claiming part of the Berwickshire coastal path above Pease Bay as his own, and travel writer Gilbert Summers and his dog Corrie bore the brunt of his anger when they took a walk along the path last Thursday.

The lone ram charged the dog and pushed it down the grassy cliffside and also charged Gilbert who sustained brusing to his leg. Both are now recovering but Gilbert, who lives at Cockburnspath, is concerned that it could have been worse - for instance it could have been a small child that it attacked, and so he reported the incident to the police.

Police investigations have so far failed to establish who owns the ram, local farmers don’t seem to know anything about the sheep that is grazing on the cliffside rather than in a field .

“I think it’s someone’s pet and now it’s guarding the path,” said Gilbert who walks there regularly and has never come across anything like it during his many walks around Scotland as he gathers material for his travel books and website Scotland in a Week.