Better late than never as road is finally adopted

A road at Allanton serving Allanbrae and other properties, has finally been added to the list of roads adopted by Scottish Borders Council.

Back in October 1964, residents living along the private road entered into an agreement with Berwickshire County Council that they would fully fund the upgrading of the road to a standard suitable for adoption, and the county council would then add it to its list of public roads.

The residents paid the money for the upgrade and the old county council carried out the agreed works, but after that, it all got a bit hazy as to whether the road was ever formally adopted, and subsequent local government changes only added to the confusion.

Reporting to Scottish Borders Council, Paul Grigor, the authority’s roads planning officer, said: “It is unclear from the limited correspondence on record whether the road was formally added to the list of public roads at that time.

“There is currently no record of this road on the council’s list of public roads.

“Once the works were satisfactorily completed, it is unclear from the correspondence available whether the causeway was formally adopted as part of the public road network at that time.

“With the residents having fulfilled their obligations, the formal adoption of the causeway will remove any ambiguity over the status of the road.

“I recommend that the executive committee agrees to the inclusion of the causeway in question on the council’s list of public roads.”

The road will now have to be inspected by the council’s asset management section, and it is expected there will be a financial outlay to bring the section of road up to a satisfactory standard, given the lack of maintenance over the years.