Besom auction to pay bar bill

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A COLDSTREAM pub is to auction off bar-room tables, chairs and TVs in order to pay off a year-long debt.

The auction has been scheduled at the Besom Inn to pay for whisky delivered over a year ago.

The delivery contained 14 bottles of a local whisky, Tweeddale Blend, that had been resurrected from a pre-war recipe.

Coldstream resident Alasdair Day, whose ancestor blended the whisky until rationing made it impractical, brought the drink back to market in 2010.

Besom publican Wayne Lewins failed to pay for his delivery, which had a value of £246.

Repeated requests for payment from Livingston firm Stonedean Ltd. led to the company engaging sherriff officers to recoup the money.

The amount now owed is nearly £400.

Mr Lewins and his wife, Dorothy, took over the running of the pub in 2000, after moving to the border town from Tyneside.

Mr Lewins maintains that a cheque is in the post.

Richard Day, cosultant to Stonedead, said Mr Lewins “seems determined not to pay”.

“There is no reason for this behaviour. [Mr Lewins] seemed a reasonable man, but he is obviously not.”

The auction will take place at The Besom at 12 noon on Thursday, May 10.