Berwickshire snow heroes take a bow

Feeding the sheep at Gordon during a blizzard.
Feeding the sheep at Gordon during a blizzard.

It would appear there are no shortage of heroes in Berwickshire and the past week has brought out the best in people as they help others deal with the appalling weather conditions.

Last Wednesday care worker Bernadette Adams travelled to the Greenlawarea from her home in Reston, but then couldn’t get home.

Her son in law Clinton Starkey said: “She has been staying in sheltered housing (which she has had to pay for) and has continued to service her clients as normal. As the only carer available in that area she has also serviced other elderly patients not within her remit.

“She has ensured they had their breakfast, lunch, dinner and covered the bedtime shifts. She has dug her way into people’s houses, and she also helped to dig out a patient who was going to hospital.”

A power cut in Burnmouth saw the local pub open its doors and offer free soup for all those without power.

NHS Borders and key council staff were driven into work by members of Borders Search and Rescue, who also helped stranded motorists, delivered prescriptions and oxygen to residents cut off by the snow and assisted with a hospital transfer to Berwick Infirmary and on to Alnwick Hospital.

Anyone who could help did help, NHS Borders staff with 4x4s drove colleagues to work and did an essential supply run for colleagues having to stay overnight and SP Energy made their 4x4s available for essential NHS staff.

On Thursday, March 1, two SP Energy workers, Paul Wilkinson and Colin Walker even transported a person injured in an accident on the A698 Cornhill to Berwick road near Tillmouth to hospital in Berwick when the ambulance could not get through.

NHS Borders’ Rob McCulloch-Graham said: “We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone across NHS Borders for the efforts you are making, and will continue to make, to deal with these challenges.”

And while other communities ran out of bread, in Eyemouth there was no such problem. Loughs bakery had one of their busiest weeks in their history, selling over 5000 rolls and over 400 loaves of bread in three days and they would like to thank customers for their support.