Berwickshire residents to be offered free home insulation

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BERWICKSHIRE residents are set to be being offered free home insulation measures to improve their energy efficiency, keep heating bills down and reduce fuel poverty.

The Borders will receive up to £485,000 as part of the Scottish government’s Universal Home Insulation Scheme (UHIS).

The scheme, administered by Scottish Borders Council, offers a range of free home insulation measures, including loft and cavity wall insulation.

Keith Brown, Minister for Housing and Transport said: “The Universal Home Insulation Scheme is a successful scheme which, over the years, has delivered real savings to people in their homes across the Scottish Borders. By offering free cavity wall and loft insulation, owners, private sector tenants and landlords can make sure their properties are saving energy and money by reducing the heat lost through draughts.

“I am delighted that every local authority is supporting this scheme. The Scottish Government is investing over £¼ billion over the next three years towards eliminating fuel poverty and UHIS is making a significant contribution to achieving that aim.

“UHIS also creates employment opportunities with contractors employing and contributing to local economies across Scotland to deliver the scheme.”

The Scottish Government is investing over £16 million to fund UHIS throughout 2012-13. The scheme, which offers free insulation measures to is being undertaken across every local authority area in Scotland.