Berwickshire residents satisfied with SBC services

Recycling centres are a concern
Recycling centres are a concern

We’re a happy bunch here in Berwickshire and content with our lot according to Scottish Borders Council’s 2015 household survey.

Well until we come onto the subjects of recycling centres and roads that is - then the picture isn’t quite so rosy!

A total of 6,000 questionnaires were sent out to randomly selected households across the Borders and the 41% return rate is a figure many councils can only dream about, Berwickshire residents returning 44% of their forms.

It turns out that 91% of us rate our neighbourhood as a good place to live, 98% of people in Berwickshire feel safe and over 70% rate Scottish Borders Council as either good or excellent.

The council was expecting a drop in the satisfaction level of kerbside collections after the green bin collection was removed last year but seem pleasantly surprised that it was only 9% lower - from 92% to 83%.

One thing that clearly winds people up in Berwickshire is recycling centres and only 32% in Mid Berwickshire and 44% in East Berwickshire were satisfied with the service. With only two centres at Duns and Eyemouth, most residents have to travel some distance to use them and there were many complaints, particularly about the garden waste recycling facilities. Kelso on the other hand had a 97% satisfaction level - a new recycling centre opened in the town last year. Problems with bottle banks not being emptied often enough reduced SBC’s scoring but presenting the household survey highlights at Berwickshire Area Forum last week Clare Malster, strategic community engagement office, said that this had now been rectified.

Dissatisfaction about the state of the region’s roads - 72% - came as no surprise and the council has already put into place additional funds to try and tackle the problem.