Berwickshire projects get share of government’s £10.8m funding

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Community-led projects providing a range of support to people in the Borders will receive a share of £10.8 million funding, the Scottish Government has announced.

Five projects in the Borders that are addressing inequalities in disadvantaged communities will receive funding from the People and Communities Fund in 2016/17.

These projects include training and upskilling opportunities through Berwickshire Housing Association and confidence and skills building programmes through Eyemouth & District Community Trust.

The investment is aimed at giving communities the tools to deliver long-term solutions that tackle poverty.

Housing and welfare minister Margaret Burgess said: “This £10.8 million investment reinforces our commitment to giving communities a stronger voice in the decisions that matter to them.

“The People and Communities Fund recognises that every community in Scotland has different needs and challenges and it is the people who live and work in the Borders that are best placed to come up with the solutions to address inequalities.

“By funding Borders projects that are providing upskilling and training opportunities we are empowering communities and giving them the support they need to shape their own futures and tackle the deep-rooted causes of poverty.”