Berwickshire Naturalists visit Bamburgh Castle

Berwickshire Naturalists’ latest meeting involved a trip to Bamburgh Castle where they were met by Graeme Young, an archaeologist working on the Bamburgh Research Project.

Digging was in progress in trench 1, close to St Oswald’s Gate, the early entrance to the castle mentioned in monastic annals dated to 774 AD collated by Simeon of Durham in the 12th century. 

Graeme explained that evidence had been found of a substantial early Anglo Saxon timber hall on the site which was replaced in the middle to late Anglo Saxon period by a smaller stone building.

Members looked round the castle, built on a dolerite outcrop and bought in 1894 by Lord Armstrong. Some members went on to look at the excavations at Bradford Kaims where testing has revealed signs of human activity dating back to 4230 BC and Paul Gething, the co-ordinator, invited members back next year to see progress.