‘Berwickshire has turbines – not wild land’

A landscape of turbines
A landscape of turbines
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Scottish Natural Heritage 
is seeking views on the 
country’s areas of wild land – 
and the opinions of some 
Berwickshire residents are quite uncompromising.

The fact that no Berwickshire area are defined as wild land – which would give it some protection against development – has offended some, while others have used the consultation process as an outlet for venting outrage about wind farms.

The seven-week consultation was launched on November 1, and it didn’t take long for Berwickshire people to start commenting.

Scottish Government consultations on the drawing up of a national planning framework resulted in a number comments about details of the wild land map. As a result Scottish Natural Heritage were asked to carry out further consultation.

Andrew Bachell, SNH director of operations, said: “The wildness people can experience and the images of wild places are an incredibly valuable asset which makes an important contribution to our tourism industry.

“Wild land makes a crucial contribution to our quality of life and we know that most people who live in Scotland consider wild places to be important to them. Wild land areas are also valuable to nature and are often home to some of our most remarkable wildlife.

“The map is the result of a systematic and robust study that we carried out and we’re keen to hear what others think. We hope that the map will help government, local authorities and developers to take account of wild land in decisions about land use and development.”

One of the question asks: What is your view on the Core Areas of Wild Land 2013 map? One Berwickshire answer is: “It is a total disgrace, the whole of the country and the UK should be protected from the erection of wind turbines.”

And an answer to a question about the map and its preparation was equally uncompromising: “The whole idea of core areas of wild land is wrong, the concept is basically flawed.

“The whole of the country must be protected from wind farms and inappropriate development.

“SNH and the planning system are useless and their guidance needs to be rewritten to protect our country. SNH should be closed down as they are failing to do their job of protecting Scotland.”

The consultation runs until December 20. Details can be found at www.snh.gov.uk/