Berwickshire Coast Rocks

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A new book ‘Berwickshire Coast Rocks!’ invites those exploring the local coastline to consider the ancient landscape that has lain underfoot for millions of years, just waiting to be investigated.

Easy to understand and with more than 300 full-colour photographs and drawings, the book, by Helen Page, breaks new ground in a field which until now has been largely the preserve of the experts.

Designed to fit comfortably in the pocket, Berwickshire Coast Rocks takes you along 16 coastal walks between Cove Harbour and Cocklawburn Beach, with each geological feature pictured and explained as you go along.

There are pages which expand the major topics in more detail and these are referenced in green throughout the text.

The book will also form the basis for a programme of exhibitions and walks led by geologist Dr Ian Kille this spring and summer.

Published by the charity ‘A Heart for Duns’, with the financial backing of the Heritage Lottery Fund, all profits from sales of the book will go towards the cost of buying and refurbishing the Volunteer Hall to create a community facility for the people of Duns.

Author Helen Page’s previous book Northumberland Coast Rocks was published in April 2016.

Copies of Berwickshire Coast Rocks cost £10 from Grieves bookshop, Church Street, Berwick; Nairns, Market Square, Duns; or from St Abbs Post Office. Also on-line from (£11.50 inc. P&P).