Berwickshire Area Forum aims to attract third sector

THE first meeting of the new Berwickshire Area Forum took place in Duns this week.

Members of the public were invited to attend the forum, run by Scottish Borders Council, and were keen to visit the information stalls offering advice on recycling and winter health that were open before the meeting.

The Forum, which replaces the old Berwickshire Area Committee, will be held quarterly. It is comprised of community council members from across the wards of east and mid-Berwickshire, as well as representatives of SBC.

Councillor Michael Cook was elected chair, with Councillor Donald Moffat nominated to serve as vice-chair.

Addressing the meeting in Duns Council Chamber, Councillor Cook praised the level of attendance, and hoped such public interest would be sustained.

Clerk to the council, Jenny Wilkinson then threw the question of the Forum’s priorities to the floor.

With representatives of the police and the SBC’s Legal and Democratic Services already present, it was felt by a number of community council representatives that the forum should be working to attract third sector groups to aid them with their community planing schemes.

The forum’s next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5.