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Tonight, Thursday, November 24, BARK is having a Pampered Chef Party. There will be a cookery demonstration and a chance to taste test. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to browse the extensive range of cookware items and cookery books on offer. Doors open at 7.15pm at Foulden Village Hall and entry is just £3.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 30th November 2011, 8:00 am

Hamish and Dougal are two lovely eight year-old labradors. These two walk well on lead and enjoy sharing the same bed. They are on the tubby side but a change in diet and a few extra walks will soon shed the weight. These two are litter mates and we really do want to keep them together.

Foxy is a small to medium dog who looks like a miniature German shepherd. He is probably around eight and just keeps getting overlooked. He doesn’t appear very demonstrative on first meeting but really does enjoy a good cuddle. He will make a great companion.

Teddy the one year-old labrador is progressing well. He loves his walks and most of the time behaves himself and walks well. He is progressing well but being a bright boy he knows whose buttons to press to get what he wants. He will make an outstanding dog in the right hands.

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A pair of kittens that we would like to go together are tabbies Tasha and Ambrose. They are very playful and never stop purring and will provide hours of entertainment. Of course we are still looking for homes for many of our cats including and outdoor home for Connie and Basil. Could you accommodate two cats outside somewhere, both are friendly, they just lack in the house training department.

Missy is a lovely rabbit around a year old. She has been used to being a house rabbit but will happily adapt to being outside as long as her hutch is large enough and she gets plenty of chance to stretch her legs.

We have lots more animals at the kennels please either check out our website, the posters in our shop or on our website. Our shop is also the place to go if you are looking for a bargain.

Contact details: Kennels: Windmill Way East, Ramparts Business Park, TD15 1TU Tel: 01289 306299 – Shop: 12 Church Street, Berwick, TD15 1DX Tel: 01289 309225.